FAQ: How To Convert Tractor Powered Hydraulic Log Splitter?

Can you use tractor hydraulic fluid in a wood splitter?

Would tractor hydraulic fluid hurt a log splitter? No. But the pump is designed for a single viscosity – AW46 typically, AW68 in extreme hot weather, or maybe an AW32 if you ‘re in the arctic.

Is kinetic or hydraulic log splitter better?

The most obvious and biggest advantage to hydraulic log splitters, is that generally they are a lot more powerful, and can split larger logs then their kinetic counterparts. Hydraulic systems have an easier time getting through knotty woods, and will struggle far less on hard woods.

How can I make my hydraulic log splitter faster?

To increase the speed of a log splitters operation, a bigger hydraulic fluid pump is required to pump more volume of hydraulic fluid. However, upgrading a hydraulic pump may also require you to increase the size of your hydraulic tank to prevent overheating the hydraulic fluid.

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How much is a used log splitter worth?

Local demand,brand of unit, condition, etc. But in my experience, most good woodsplitters hold their value fairly well if they are taken care of. Nothing unusual to see a $1500 splitter going for a $1000 used.

What kind of hydraulic fluid should I use in my log splitter?

The approved fluids that our log splitter hydraulic systems may be filled with are: Dexron III Automatic Transmission Fluid. 10W AW Hydraulic Oil. Pro Mix AW-32 Hydraulic Fluid.

How often should you change hydraulic fluid in a log splitter?

Whether it’s gas or electric log splitter, it is recommended to change the hydraulic fluid every 100 hours of work (be sure to check they manual of your exact machine). In addition, just like your car, you need to change the log splitter hydraulic oil filter also.

Are hydraulic log splitters any good?

Overall, the Champion 22-ton Hydraulic Log Splitter is a great machine for splitting wood. It’s built tough, made from good quality materials. It is easy to to setup and assemble, and is very portable. Simply tow the machine from the 2” ball hitch to wherever you need it to go.

Who makes the best kinetic log splitter?

The Best Kinetic Log Splitters: Top 5 Reviews & Comparisons

# Product
1 Powerhorse Horizontal Double Flywheel ( 7-Ton, 15 Amp, 120V Motor)
2 Swisher LS22E 120V Timber ( Splitter, 22 Ton, Black)
3 WEN 56207 65Ton Electric ( Splitter,Black)
4 Firewood Log Splitter Wood ( For Hand Drill Stick (for Rhinestone))


What is the best log splitter to get?

Here, the best log splitters.

  • Best Overall: Champion Power Equipment 27-Ton Splitter.
  • Best Budget: Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter.
  • Best Electric: Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter.
  • Best Vertical/Horizontal: Champion Power Equipment 25-Ton Gas Splitter.
  • Best Gas-Powered: Cub Cadet 25-Ton Logger.
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What size hydraulic pump do I need for a log splitter?

If you are serious about making your own backyard log splitter, then you want to have, at a minimum, the following components to provide the right amount of force and power for basic splitting of averaged sized, seasoned logs: A 5 Horsepower engine. A two-stage hydraulic pump rated at a max of 3 gpm at 2,500 psi.

How do you calculate the force of a log splitter?

Multiply the piston’s area by the splitter’s pressure rating. In the example, the splitter has a pressure rating of 3,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). Multiplying 19.625 by 3,000 gives you 58,875. The log splitter has a splitting force of 58,875 lbs..

How do you split wood with a log splitter?

Cut Wood Down to Size: Vertical/Horizontal Log Splitters

  1. Flip the splitter into a vertical position.
  2. Stand your logs on their ends – no need to lift them!
  3. Cut your logs in two.
  4. Shift your splitter back to its horizontal position.
  5. Split your wood into smaller logs that you can catch and cradle with minimal effort.

How much is a wood splitter worth?

The lowest price is for a hydraulic log splitter that will cost you just $649.99, while their most expensive product is a high-end Deluxe hydraulic splitter that costs $1,999.99.

How big of a log splitter do I need?

The thicker a log is, the more wood there is to force apart on either side of the grain. Logs that are larger in diameter need more pressure to split. That’s why a 4-ton log splitter will work well for 6″ branches, but a 24″ tree trunk will require at least the force of a 20-ton splitter.

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