FAQ: How To Attach Trailers To Tractor Astroneer?

How many trailers can you attach to a tractor in Astroneer?

It has a T2 Attachment Slot on the front of the vehicle and a power port on back. The Tractor can pull up to three other Rovers by attaching them to the rear power port.

Recipe 2x Aluminum
Unlock Cost 1,000 Bytes


Can you connect a trailer to a buggy in Astroneer?

Buggies are the second tier of land Vehicles in Astroneer, and are traditionally used as scout vehicles. Power Cells. Source.

Output Input Module
Buggy Compound Aluminum Medium Printer

How do you use Astroneer trailers?


  1. With a cheap byte and crafting cost, the Trailer, paired with a Tractor, makes for good early-game rover trains.
  2. Up to 3 trailers can be connected together, though to use the trailer train a player would need a Rover Seat and a power item, such as Solar Panels or RTG, for the trailer to have the power to drive.

What does the trailer connect to in Astroneer?

Yes, you can attach trailers to the large rover. You can actually attach a second large rover base to the back of a large rover.

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How many trailers can a large rover pull Astroneer?

A Large rover is capable of: Pulling 3 loaded large rovers. Pulling 3 loaded medium rovers.

What do you need to make a tractor in Astroneer?

Build a Small Printer and create a Tractor Now, place the Small Printer on any platform and then build a Tractor.

How do you drill a tractor Astroneer?

Pressing either context key in the Tractor will turn the drill on or off, as it only has a single attachment slot on the front. If two drills or a drill and a Paver are placed on one side of a Large Rover, the context key will activate both at once.

Can you connect Rovers in Astroneer?

Rovers, except the Buggy, can be connected in trains of up to four rovers.

What does a winch do in Astroneer?

The Winch is an item that can be used to tow large objects.

How do you get aluminum in Astroneer?

After getting Laterite, you can craft Aluminum. Place the Smelting Furnace on the Large Platform and connect it to an energy source (e.g. the main base). Place the Laterite inside it and run the furnace- you will get Aluminum. One unit of Laterite is converted into one unit of Aluminum.

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