FAQ: How Much Does Tractor Supply Sell Welding Leads For?

Does Tractor Supply sell welding cable?

Hobart #2 Flexible Welding Cable, Sold per foot, 770109F at Tractor Supply Co.

What size welding lead do I need?

If you plan on doing field work, I would recommend having about 100 feet of stinger lead and 100 feet of ground lead. This will allow you to work efficiently even if you can’t get your machine very close to the work area. Some welders prefer to have slightly less ground lead than stinger lead.

Do welding leads go bad?

In the end, welding wire can go bad, but there are many ways to prevent it. By following those precautions, welding wire could last over ten years and even if it does go bad, there are other options besides throwing it away.

How many amps is #2 welding cable good for?

AWG Amperes
1 170
2 150
3 130
4 110


Does Tractor Supply sell welding gas?

Tractor Supply Co. carries a variety of welding gas for the DIY homeowner, hobbyists, farmer, or contractor. Purchase welding gas cylinders, or exchange your empty cylinder for a refill of acetylene, oxygen, or shielding gas in a variety of sizes.

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What is the largest welding cable size?


Gauge Max Amps Conductor Diameter (in.)
6 AWG 115 0.2
4 AWG 150 0.228
2 AWG 205 0.3
1 AWG 240 0.343


What size wire do I need to run a 220v welder?

Welder Circuits Welders operating at 30 to 40 input amps require a 40-amp breaker and 8- gauge wire. Small welders operating below 30 input amps can use 10- gauge wire with a 30-amp circuit breaker.

How do I choose welding leads?

To choose the right size welding cable, you need to know the current levels you’ll be working with. The more amps you use, the bigger welding cable you’ll need. Think of the welding cable like a hose. The more water you need to carry through, the bigger the hose you would use.

What does AWG stand for?

AWG or American Wire Gauge is the US standard measure for the diameter of electrical conductors.

Are old welding rods worth anything?

Welding and brazing rods and fluxes usually contain quantities of silver, manganese, zinc, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluoride, lead, or vanadium. So the bottom line is that quantities of unused welding rods or wire can contain valuable metals, and so can quantities of welding scrap that appears worthless.

Are old welding rods OK to use?

Regardless of whether you took your welding rod out of the packaging a few months ago or thirty years ago, it can go bad. This does not depend on the age of the rod, but rather the amount of moisture the rod has been exposed to. It’s crucial to keep the rod dry.

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Can welding rods go off?

Yes, welding rods can go bad depending on the model of rod that is used and the conditions they are kept in. Welding rods hold a shelf life around 2-3 years in ideal conditions. Moisture has a negative impact on the shelf life of many rods as well as poor temperature conditions.

Is welding cable the same as battery cable?

Welding cable has the same amount of copper as Starter ( Battery ) cable of the same gauge. They can carry the same amperage in a 12V or 24V application. Welding cable was developed for welding tools that required higher voltage (600V), be very flexible, and withstand constant movement.

How long can my welding leads be?

Anything up to 100 feet of welding cable uses a 1/0, but then the size goes up the further you go. Anything 100-200 feet, you will need a 2/0 and from 200-250 feet, you will need 3/0. This is not the norm though, for the other machines, you want to break the leads down into 50 foot increments.

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