FAQ: How Much Does Discout Tire Charge To Mout A Tractor Tire?

Does Discount Tire mount tires for free?

When you purchase tires and wheels together, we offer mounting and balancing at no additional charge.

Does Discount Tire charge to install tires?

Discount Tire’s installation fees vs. We know tire installation fees can be a drag, but we try to pass the most value on to our customers at every opportunity – in part by including these services for the lifetime of your tires in this one-time charge.

Will Discount Tire mount tires?

Short Answer: Discount Tire will mount tires that you purchase at other tire retailers, as long as they do not show signs of excessive wear. Tire mounting can cost about $30 per tire, but if you purchase your tires from Discount Tire, the price for mounting drops to about $10 to $15 per tire.

How much is installation at Discount Tire?

5 Nationwide tire retailers to research: Discount Tire / America’s Tire: $16 installation fee (4 tires ), $2.50 disposal fee.

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Can you negotiate at Discount Tire?

Negotiate If you choose not to buy online it’s important to negotiate with your local stores. Ask if there are any tire coupons or promotions and compare the cost with those online. If there price is higher ask if they can match the price or offer a better discount.

How much is tire disposal fee at Walmart?

Tire Installation Cost Comparison

Chain Installation Price
Sam’s Club $80 for 4 wheels ($20/ tire ) TPMS kit: $5/wheel Tire disposal included.
Walmart $60 for 4 wheels ($15/ tire; $25 for non- Walmart tires ) TPMS kits included. Tire disposal: $1.50/wheel


Is it cheaper to buy tires online and have them installed?

When you factor in shipping, it isn’t much cheaper than just buying locally. It’s also easier dealing with warranty issues when there’s a brick-and-mortar store. I’ve used NTB on various occasions to put tires I purchased online. There are times when they don’t even put it in their system.

Are Walmart tires good?

Overall, Walmart is a great place to shop for tires both online and in-store. You’ll find a great selection of popular tire brands and some of the lowest average per-tire prices compared to other popular tire stores. And installation is cheaper at Walmart than nearly anywhere else.

How much does Firestone charge to mount tires?

How Much Does It Cost To Mount And Balance Tires?

Service Center Services Included Price
Pep Boys Pressure Check $14.99
Goodyear None $49.99
Americas Tire Pressure Check $30
Firestone Pressure Check $65


How much should tire balancing cost?

On average, most places will charge people about $6 to $20 per tire to perform tire balancing. That works out to be about $24 to $80 for all four tires on a car.

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Can you buy tires online and have them installed?

Shoppers can find cheap tires online that a local store might price match. Don’t worry about delivery — tires ship directly to an installer. But, actually, when you buy tires online, they’re shipped directly to a local installer, where your new rubber is quickly mounted, balanced and put on your car.

How Much Should 4 tires cost installed?

According to recent reviews, Angie’s List members report paying an average cost of $637 to replace four tires, with a range of $525 to $725. According to CostHelper, a standard, all-season tire costs between $50 and $200 each with an average price of $80 to $150.

Is Costco cheaper than discount tire?

Costco has lifetime balancing and repair/road hazard included in the price, ends up cheaper than discount tire. In my experience here in San Antonio I prefer Costco, for both price and service/warranty etc. But discount will usually match the costco price.

How much does it cost to mount and balance 4 tires?

Expect to pay: $13 to $45 dollars per tire industry-wide, depending on the size of the tire. Mounting (installing tires on to the rims) and balancing (adding weights to make sure the wheel weighs the same all around) varies widely for cars, SUVs, and light trucks, and is highly dependent on the size of the tire.

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