Dear Ole Mechanic:

I have a good-running Big-Mo 400M; however, I let it sit too long, and the brakes are "locked up." The outer disc on one side slides right off, but the brake disc on the other side appears to be rusted to the spline shaft. I have no idea whether the inner discs are also rusted to the shaft. I have soaked the entire brake assembly with penetrating oil over the past week, and I've tried to pry the rusted disc off to no avail. I am unable to find new discs, so I hope not to destroy the disc in trying to get it off.Tractor Brake

Any idea of how I can get the brake assemblies apart?


Dear At-Wits-End:

First things first. Go web searching for the "MM Unofficial Website." That will get you to the MM Club Website and its companion MM Corresponder, which is a wonderful little glossy magazine that has a "Quick-Reference Shoppers Directory" which includes:

R.C. Ohda Farm Equipment Repair
10819 Illinois Highway 92
Walnut, IL.   61378
Phone number 815-379-2377 (Ray Ohda)

That is where I got new brake discs. If I remember right, Ray had some used, some rebuilt, and some new brake discs. With the new ones, I did NOT even need to send him my old ones. He even had enough parts to put together a new water pump, which I needed after I broke my pump housing trying to get the seal out.

When I asked how I should pay for the pump, Ray said that there would be an invoice in with the parts, and I should just mail back the payment after I got the parts. Ray also has some old tractors that he is selling parts off of.

Dissasembly is best accomplished using the method suggested by author Roger Welsch in his book Busted Tractors and Rusty Knuckles. It's the "Squirt-Squirt-Tap-Tap" method. When you get tired doing that, sleep on it and repeat tomorrow. The best penetrating liquid I that have found is the concoction of 50% acetone and 50% ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). I got a quart of acetone at my local ACE Hardware( which may be last Gibsons Store in existence). Make sure that you use an all-metal squirt can, as the acetone will eat up the plastic ones that the Chinese are sending over.

I am currently doing the "Scrape-Scrape-WireBrush-WireBrush" method, trying to get ready for epoxy primer.


Herr Professor Nuzanbolts