For the purposes of this website:
  • Lawn and garden tractors include two-wheeled walk-behinds or vehicles with three-wheels, four-wheels, or tracks that are used for lawn-mowing, landscaping, orchard work, gardening, truck farming, industrial work, farming on small farms, or for general work on larger farms.
  • This category includes lawn-tractors, garden tractors, mini-tractors, subcompact-tractors, compact-tractors, and small utility-tractors.
  • These tractors may be fueled by crude oil, distillate, kerosene, gasoline, propane, electricity, steam or solar power.
  • The tractors can be manufactured in any country at any time.
  • The output of the tractors can range from one to approximately twenty-five horsepower.
  • The tractors can weigh approximately 2,500 pounds or less--often much less.
  • Typical lawn and garden tractors are classified as one-plow tractors.
  • Lawn and garden tractors may be modern (new or recently manufactured), classic (twenty-five years or older) or antique (manufactured before 1970).
  • Lawn and garden tractors may be Doodlebugs (home-made) or Tractor-Conversions (cars or trucks converted to tractors--new or antique), as well as those  produced commercially
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