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This garden tractor was constructed in 1963 or 1964 by Allen Becker for use on his ranch near Boerne, Texas; the project required about two months of work. The tractor was built using a cutting torch, a grinder, a welder, a drill press, and common hand tools such as
screwdrivers and wrenches.

Things used in the construction of the tractor included:
A one-cylinder, 8 HP, AH Wisconsin Industrial Engine with an attached clutch--built in 1937.
Rear struts from a 1940 Ford pickup truck used as the basic components of the frame.
The front axle, spindles, wheels and steering linkage from a Cushman golf cart.
Two three-speed automobile transmissions--one from a 1932 Pontiac and the other from a 1937 Plymouth.
A differential from a 1940 Ford pickup truck cut back 12 inches on each side.
A 2:1 final-drive reduction system consisting of three roller chains and sprockets.
A steering gearbox from a 1937 Plymouth automobile.
A steering wheel consisting of a rolled tube welded onto the center and spokes of a Ford Model T steering wheel.
A cast-iron seat from a farm implement (probably a hay rake).
A lift-lever and linkage fabricated from scrap.
Rear rims from a 1940 Ford pickup truck, outfitted with new Kutoba tires.

Allen also fabricated a cultivator, plow, roller and front blade for use with the tractor.

Glenn Thompson acquired the garden tractor and its implements in August, 2014. They are being restored.

Allen Becker is a life-long resident of his family's ranch. He has
demonstrated exceptional versatility and resourcefulness and held a variety of professional positions. Along with his wife and daughter, he built the large Victorian home in which he lives. Allen is an skilled machinist and builds minature stationary engines and small radio-controlled trucks which are used in competition with other enthusiasts. He has a sizable collection of antique stationary engines and a few antique tractors. Now semi-retired, he repairs motorized implements such as lawnmowers, garden tractors, weed-whackers, etc.