Like many collectors, Bill Wurster really didn't have a choice of brands when he decided to acquire an old tractor or two. Growing up on a farm in northeast Illinois, his dad exposed him to the many virtues of Massey-Harris tractors at an early age. This was Massey-Harris country, with the Massey-Harris factory located a few miles north in Racine, Wisconsin. After leaving school, Bill's first job was in Antioch, Illinois, at one of the largest Massey-Harris dealerships in the United States, where he worked his way up through the ranks from delivering tractors and implements to assembling implements, then to repairing tractors and implements, and finally to serving as parts manager.

Massey-Harris 44Life was busy for Bill, with employment, marriage, and parenthood consuming most of his time and energy. Eventually he wound up in Dallas, and after many years of employment in industry there, he formed his own company and relocated to the Texas Hill Country. As his son and grandson assumed more responsibility in the family business, Bill was able to relax a bit and spend time with friends, family and enjoyable activities. He first decided to collect and restore old automobiles, but when faced with the complexity of restoring a 1953 Lincoln, he decided that the simplicity of old tractors made that endeavor more enjoyable. Also, he could restore tractors standing up. Which tractors? Massey-Harris, of course!

Massey-Harris PonyBill decided to concentrate on Massey-Harris tractors produced between 1938 and 1956, because tractors produced during that period had rubber tires and electric starters. Bill acquired his first tractor in 2003--a Massey-Harris Pony. Since then, his collection grew to include nineteen tractors--sixteen operational and three in storage awaiting restoration. A listing of Bill's tractors may be viewed at BILL'S COLLECTION. Bills' rarest tractors were his Models 202 and 201, because only 223 Model 202's and 503 Model 201's were produced. The majority of Bill's tractors were restored--many by Bill himself. Bill usually found out about tractors of interest through his network of friends around the country; although, he acquired a few through magazine ads and internet searches. Bill located most of the tractors in his collection in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, and the Texas Panhandle. Although not an avid collector herself, Bill's wife Mary enjoyed traveling with him to attend auctions or to obtain parts.

Bill passed away in 2015.  Additional information about Massey-Harris tractors is available at MASSEY-HARRIS TRACTOR