Harry's White Lily Engine

Photo 1

Photo 2
Harry and Mary Seidensticker.
Photo 30
The brass tag on the engine shows the
 Serial Number 600.
Photo 4
The Patent Date is given on the flywheel.
Photo 5
The original gas tank.
Photo 6
The replacement gas tank.
Photo 7
The Lunkenheimer carburetor.
Photo 8
The governor mechnaism is mounted
on the flywheel.
Photo 9
The atmospheric intake valve and the
 cam-activated exhaust valve.
Photo 10
The ignitor is activated by the cam
Photo 11
An unknown company name is
 engraved on the flywheel.
Photo 12
The belt pulley is cast with the
Photo 13
The original muffler.
Photo 14
Each end of the crankshaft has a
 grease cup.
Photo 15
An oiler lubricates the piston.
Photo 17
The engine is mounted on a skid and a cart.
Photo 18