Dierre's Aermotor Engine

Dierre Smith & His Aermotor

Photo 1
Dierre Smith's 2 1/2 HP Aermotor Engine.
Photo 2
The Aermotor Company name appears
 in raised letters on the flywheel.
Photo 3
The number 117.K is stamped on the
 engine. This is probably the serial
Photo 4
All casting numbers start with the
 letter Z.
Photo 5
The Aermotor's unusual water hopper
 is fluted to increase the cooling area.
Photo 6
The box with the ignition coil
 purchased at the estate sale.
Photo 7
The Aermotor's gas tank small so
that it limits the time the engine runs.
Photo 8
The fuel line with a check valve in the
Photo 9
The original and correct crank-- often
 missing from an antique engine.
Photo 10
The choke rod can be raised and
 swung sideways to keep the choke
Photo 11
The knob regulating the air/gas
Photo 11
The rpms are controlled by this cast
 iron bulb which is moved outwards
by centrifical force.
Photo 13
The governor mechanism and the
 gears connected to the rod leading
 to the ignitor.
Photo 14
The ignitor mechanism connected to
 points inside the engine.
Photo 15
The intake and exhaust valves. The
 intake valve is an atmospheric valve.
Photo 16
One of several oil ports containing
 wicking soaked with oil.
Photo 17
The oil cup lubricating the piston.
Photo 18
The grease cup which lubricates the connecting rod.
Photo 19
The open piston.
Photo 20
The muffler.
Photo 21
The valve to drain the cooling water.
Photo 22
The 8 inch diameter pulley has a 6 1/2
 inch face.
Photo 23
A century of patina which isn't going
 to be disturbed.
Photo 24
The Aermotor Engine and its proud